Consulting and Software Development

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    Determination of the individual company requirements by a Basis Assessment (Workshop) carried out by brain-tec and the customer. Target: Individual needs assessment, including documentation. Simultaneously, in a further step, all company business processes to be implemented are analyzed. Then it will be decided if the process remains as it was or if it shall be modified. Only when all business processes, together with interfaces, within the company or towards suppliers and customers are modelled, brain-tec, on this basis, will define and offer precisely the expense related to the implementation to be performed.

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    Project management

    brain-tec defines, together with the SME, the organization of the project. Cooperatively, the technological solution will be implemented step by step. brain-tec takes the lead at the implementation project. In order to guarantee the success of the project, brain-tec has been working for years following the Kanban model, which is a very agile project management framework. The Kanban model allows shorter processing times and quickly identifies possible limitations (risk management) which, in this way, can be effectively eliminated. Via the Kanban view it is possible to visualize very clearly the different process steps within the project (such as requirements definition, configuration, customization, testing, documentation, technical acceptance, commissioning, etc.). The individual and mutual requirements (tasks) are noted down at index cards which, during the project, surf on the so-called Kanban-Board from left to right.

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    On request, brain-tec AG can host for you the implanted solution. The brain-tec Data Center is one of the safest on the market and complies with the established IT-Security Outsourcing regulations. The access to the data center is authorized by an identity card (badge) and biometric data (finger prints). Upon request, access to the data center can be granted to third parties (e.g. external technicians). The data center is connected to 2 different circuits and is provided with a Diesel generator that guarantees full electricity demand over a period of 30 days. Together with the central installation of uninterrupted power supply, there is a guaranteed electricity uptime of 99.999% for all our servers. Furthermore, the data center disposes of an adequate air conditioning system that grants optimal operating temperature and atmospheric humidity for all devices. All data center rooms are hermetically sealed and equipped with a sensitive fire detection system. INERGEN gas is used as extinguishing medium. The whole data center is monitored by security cameras and the video recordings are accordingly archived.

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    Training courses

    As part of the software implementation, the employees will be professionally trained by brain-tec AG and will be able to handle the new solution intuitively. brain-tec also supports you with the continuous training of your employees. The services offered by brain-tec AG range from standard training courses to individual training. The courses can take place in your premises or on-site at brain-tec AG.

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    IT Services, software, hardware and security

    brain-tec AG covers a very wide range within IT services. Thanks to this approach, brain-tec is able to discern and analyze all necessary requirements, to advise you in the election of the right IT infrastructure and to realize the appropriate solution on request. Target: The IT infrastructure must operate optimally after the software implementation in order to avoid consequent interruptions and to guarantee satisfied users being able to work every day with the software.

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    Technical assistance and extensions

    After the implementation of the new software solution, brain-tec will be at your disposal. We will give you support in case you wish to expand or adapt existing business processes or the implanted software. We take over for you the technical assistance and maintenance and look forward to answering any questions you may have regarding Open Source technologies.


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