• CRM

    With OpenERP CRM you will be able to keep track of the customer contacts and the sales opportunities. There is the option of adapting the sales cycles to your requirements, of creating statistics, forecasts and automated marketing campaigns in order to improve the sales performance.

  • Sales / Order management

    From the inquiry to the customer order and the invoicing, the OpenERP provides an extensive and efficient module. Numerous assessments complete the functionality of this valuable tool.

  • Accounting and Finances

    Make your entries with just a few clicks and manage your finances in a single module. It never has been easier to manage your financial accounting.

  • Purchasing

    Register and track your purchase orders, manage your supplier contact details, supervise incoming goods and check the invoices received from your suppliers.

  • Warehouse management

    The OpenERP warehouse management works on the basis of the principle of double booking; thus, it is possible to display in a simple way complex requirements of the stock management: follow-up of stocks of suppliers or rather customers, complete traceability of warehouse movements, linking to the accounts department etc. OpenERP provides the illustration of several stocks that are defined by hierarchically structured storage locations. Manage your own internal stock, external stores, customers, suppliers or locations of production or storage.

  • Manufacturing

    Plan and control your supply chain with the help of different applications in the OpenERP module Manufacturing. Personalize your master data, configure the manufacturing planning, manage manufacturing and work orders.

  • Human resources & Payrolls

    Manage the most important asset of your company: "your employees". With our HR module, you will be able, apart from entering personal information of your employees, to illustrate the following processes: recording of attendance and absence times, recording of the hours allocated to each project and the corresponding allowances, creation of staff appraisals and recruitment.

  • Project management

    Manage and follow your projects, use tasks for small/short-term projects, plan project phases for the long-term planning of projects.

Additional Modules

On this page only the most important OpenERP modules are detailed. Besides, there are more than 4'000 additional modules (Apps) more


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