Implementation of the ERP-system, duration and costs

Basically, it is the demand which defines the complexity of the ERP-software to implement. Usually a company must be able to represent in its ERP-solution also its organizational structures, as well as to connect directly subsidiaries (multi-tenancy) and requires a huge number of complex business functions. Despite using standard ERP software, subject to license, the consulting and parameterization (customizing) in larger companies cause very high implementation costs. For a SME with 10 employees must be counted with minimum costs of approx. CHF 80’000.00 for licenses plus consulting, parameterization and additional implementation costs of CHF 100’000.00 for an additional installation. The running costs per year for maintenance and software upgrades amount on average to CHF 25,000.

brain-tec and Open ERP the cost-efficient and individual ERP solution for SME´s

brain-tec has developed for SME´s an effective and methodical needs assessment, test phase and implementation for the free Open ERP software. In principle, the implementation of Open ERP in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is based on the selection of a compact procedure model for the needs assessment and the implementation project and on limiting the parameterization to the most essential requirements. For this case, brain-tec has developed a fee-based methodical assessment proposal, in which the pending adaptations to the software solution are exactly analyzed and the findings obtained are documented. This knowledge enables the preparation of a proposal with guaranteed cost ceiling and provides the company assurance on the estimating total costs.


brain-tec Proposal Open ERP implementation

brain-tec reduces the implementation of an ERP software in SMEs by means of methodical assessments and implementations and thus the SME saves high costs. Roughly we distinguish between three phases in the implementation of an ERP-solution.

ERP Basis Assessment

Determination of the individual company requirements via an ERP Basis Assessment carried out by brain-tec and the managers of the company. Target: Individual needs assessment, including documentation. On this basis, brain-tec precisely defines and offers the expense related to the implementation to be performed.
Condition: Having executed the ERP Basis-Assessment. Target: Illustration of business areas in the Open ERP solution and operational implementation. Initiation of the management and the employees. Both management and employees work with the implemented areas and can form, thanks to the acquired experience, the basis for decision-making for the global introduction of the Open ERP solution.

Global introduction of the Open ERP-solution

brain-tec defines, together with the SME, the organization of the project. Cooperatively, the technological solution will be implemented step by step. brain-tec takes the lead at the implementation project. In a further step, all company business processes to be implemented are analyzed. Then it will be determined if the process remains as it was or if it shall be modified. Only when all business processes together with interfaces within the company or towards suppliers and customers are modelled, these processes are illustrated in the Open ERP software. Afterwards all the necessary data (master data) is recorded in the system, or, if applicable, it will be transferred from an already existing system that shall be replaced. After several simulations of business processes and a testing phase, the real operation of the Open ERP-solution starts. Your employees are trained and able to handle the new solution intuitively.

brain-tec Premium Services

Especially after the implementation of Open ERP, brain-tec will be entirely at your disposal. We help you in case you wish to expand or adjust existing business processes. On request, we can offer you an attractive rental model (Saas). Development and connection of eShops (Magento).We take over for you the maintenance and assist you in the choice of infrastructure and we look forward to answering you any questions you may have regarding Open ERP.

SME´s requirements to an ERP system

    • GGlobal and flexible illustration of individual sector-specific business processes
    • Integrated and fully configurable Dashboard
    • Quick and cost-efficient implementation
    • Protection of investment
    • Internet integration, e-business and workflows
    • Web-based interfaces allow worldwide access to the ERP-solution
  • The trend can be observed that more and more suppliers stand by web-based products. In this connection, for instance, the system interface is represented in a browser window. Among other things, this offers the possibility to access the own system from outside the company, without the need for installing a graphical interface. This is possible wherever a web-based browser is available. Consequently, suppliers and customers can directly be involved in the business processes in order to, for example, place orders, schedule supplies, etc.

  • These options constitute a significant time and price advantage for the companies.

OpenERP Business applications

  • OpenERP is used in a wide variety of sectors, such as

    • Services
    • Trade
    • IT-Services
    • Industrial enterprises
    • Food industry
    • Commerce
    • Public administrations
    • Health care
    • Banks and Insurances
    • Chemical industry
    • Clubs and associations
    • Education


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