Odoo (Open ERP) the ERP software

The Open Source Software Odoo (former Open ERP) ( is an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning), by which all operationally relevant processes can be illustrated. The Open Source ERP Software (Open ERP) covers the areas Financial Accounting, Enterprise Resource Planning, Storage, Production, Project Administration, Customer Relationship Management, etc. The Open Source “Odoo” Software is the professional ERP office software / office solution for any SME.

Odoo (Open ERP) Application field

Odoo (Open ERP) is the ideal software for SMEs with 1- 9000 employees. Odoo (Open ERP) offers both SMEs (service companies and workshops) and public institutions numerous special modules or complements.

Odoo ERP Features

With the Open Source ERP Software “Odoo” you obtain a powerful tool by means of which the workflows, processes or the graphical interface can be adapted corresponding to the individual needs.

Odoo ERP services

brain-tec, as official Odoo Gold Partner in the German- and French-speaking territories, offers professional support for the implementation, training, technical assistance and further development of the Odoo solution.

Ask for detailed information about the Open Source ERP software "Odoo".

Odoo the ERP software

OpenERP becomes Odoo. This year, 10 million more Dollars will be invested in the ERP software. The ERP solution Odoo is the perfect solution for any company, as the solution is 100 % web-based. With Odoo you can integrate your core processes in a simple way.

Odoo today has more than 3.900 apps. The apps cover the functions CRM, Sales, Order Management, Accounting, Finances, Purchase, Warehouse Management, Production, Human Resources, Payroll Accounting, Project-Management, BI-Software, CMS, E-Commerce, etc.

Odoo is developed by the Company OpenERP SA in Grand-Rosière (Belgium). Odoo is an Open-Source-Solution which is edited under the GNU (Affero General Public License) as AGPL license with copyleft for the licensing of free software.

At present, Odoo occupies more than 250 employees. By an official Partner-Network there has emerged, in more than 110 countries, a net of 650 IT companies which offer developments and services related to Odoo.

brain-tec AG is an official Gold Partner and Certification Partner of Odoo in Switzerland and Germany.

brain-tec AG is among the three world’s best Odoo Experts..

Odoo Application field

Odoois the ideal ERP software for SMEs with 1- 9000 employees. Odoo is not focused on one branch, as Odoo can very easily be adapted to the individual requirements of the companies. Please ask for the reference list of brain-tec AG. 

Odoo eShop Connector / Social Media

Odoo provides a connector which, on the one hand, directly illustrates e-Shop-Systems like Magento, Prestashop, Oxid, Shopware etc. or ordering-platforms like eBay, Amazon etc. Odoo also includes appropriate modules to illustrate the social area in Odoo. In the E-Commerce field, Odoo can be used as extensive and modern ERP-system as its version 8 includes a fully integrated CMS- and E-Shop-System.


  • CRM
  • Sales/ Order management
  • Finances, creditors, debtors
  • Operational accounting
  • Fixed asset accounting
  • Purchase
  • Warehouse management
  • Manufacturing
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll accounting
  • Project management
  • Time recording
  • Customer portal
  • Mobile solutions
  • 3.900 additional modules

brain-tec is Odoo Gold Partner

    • Brain-tec is official Odoo Gold Partner in Germany and Switzerland and provides professional support for the implementation, training, technical assistance and further development of the ERP Odoo solution. brain-tec AG is among the three world’s best Odoo Experts. .
    • Ask for detailed information about the Open Source ERP software (Odoo).

Odoo ERP

  • Modern
    • OpenERP is 100 % web-based.
  • Facts
    • OpenERP is the fastest growing ERP-system in the world.
    • More than three millions of users in more than 110 countries rely on OpenERP.
    • Forget about expensive license fees!
    • Thanks to the different modules available for OpenERP, you have at your disposal a powerful tool, adapted to your needs.
  • Awards
    • Ernst & Young's most promising entrepreneur of the year 2013
    • Bossie award 2013 for best open source applications

Odoo Features

    • Odoo does not cause license fees
    • Odoo can quickly and easily be extended with additional functionalities.
    • Odoo visually represents workflows/processes, which enables an efficient working.
    • Odoo has a huge Partner-network
    • Odoo is available in more than 40 languages
    • Odoo ensures worldwide support


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