In parallel, there can be connected the Open-Source software application Jaspersoft which is the product of the homonymous company Jaspersoft Corporation from San Francisco (EEUU). The “Community Edition” is published under license GNU Lesser General Public License or LGPL. Jaspersoft helps, every day, millions of people worldwide, in more than 10’000 companies, to make faster decisions. The Jaspersoft Community with more than 150’000 registered users, who work on more than 400 projects, today belongs to the largest Business Intelligence Community in the world.


Multi-Report-Dashboards can be developed with internal and external data for executives and knowledge workers within the company. Jaspersoft provides a Drag & Drop design environment with the aid of which can be created Dashboards and Mashboards. The Dashboards can be arranged multifariously, depending on the target group and what kind of information has to be presented. Users will be in the position to compile their own Dashboards and to use them together with others. The Dashboard provides real-time information from different data sources, public and non-public.


The company can store, save and distribute reports, Dashboards and analytic views in its organization or web central. Jaspersoft provides a scalable, state-of-the art BI-Platform which is designed to meet the demanding requirements of many different organizations and implementation models..


The successful company can easily generate interactive reports, perfectly pixelated and/or specifics for the web, for printing or for mobile devices. With Jaspersoft any company can create reports of any extension in order to meet the requirements from different users.


It is possible to realize data queries with OLAP or In-Memory-analysis with any data source. Jaspersoft provides different analysis technologies, depending on what kind of analysis the company wants to use.

Data Integration

With Data Marts or Warehouse many and different data sources can be created, relational or non-relational. Jaspersoft ETL creates integration jobs with an intuitive graphical interface that copes even with the smallest and most complex job-definitions. Jaspersoft is able to collect data from these different sources: ERP, CRM, HR, csv, xml, txt SAP ERP, SAP BW.

Jaspersoft Architecture

    • Turn your application into a real competitive advantage.
    • Successful companies use reports, analysis and Dashboards from Jaspersoft in more than 130’000 applications- what happens in your company?
    • The extensive BI-Platform and the easy to integrate, web-based BI-Architecture from Jaspersoft make the solution very attractive.
    • HTML/CSS- based user interface that enables an easy rebranding.
    • All over the world, an active and committed Developer-Community provides well-tried and fully developed technologies. The community members of Jaspersoft contribute with their technical expertise to the success of the Jaspersoft solution.

Jaspersoft at a glance

    • Deep reduction of investment costs
    • User interface, low training effort
    • Creation of own interactive reports
    • Information query via a browser or mobile device
    • Interactive reports with detailed information thanks to DrillDown, parameters, filters, sort functions and moving or hiding columns, etc.
    • Quick location of reports thanks to the user-friendly search field.


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