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Our Vision

“Committed to a more efficient daily business routine in SMEs.”

Our Mission

brain-tec group is an independent international software and consulting company. Since our founding in 2000, we have supported small to large companies with the introduction and implementation of business software projects from our six locations in Switzerland, Germany and Spain.

Our Role

We are dedicated to personalising, structuring and improving the routine operations of national and international SMEs and global corporations. Maximising utility and minimising costs is always in the foreground. We analyse our customers’ business processes, design customised solutions for their respective challenges and needs, and thereby reflect these processes in made-to-measure business software.

Our partners

When choosing software, we always pay attention to quality, ease of use, stability, flexibility levels, and future expandability.

As a quality-driven Swiss company, we therefore rely on the open source solutions Odoo for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). As a certified Odoo Gold Partner, we are the largest and most highly qualified partner in Europe and plan to keep it that way.

Our cost awareness

In order to prevent our customers’ costs from spiralling out of control, we work with royalty-free open source solutions combined with licensed features. These packages can match anything that licensed software has to offer.

Our clients

Every day we listen to the concerns and needs of our customers and partners and thus attain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our Expertise

Our highly qualified and experienced processing/IT employees are constantly refining the open source solutions we use to present new innovations on the market and guarantee a broad knowledge base within the company.

Our culture

We maintain a culture of commitment and also like to think outside of the box. Together, we work hard to build the success and sustainability of brain-tec.


brain-tec AG

CH - 8005 Zürich
+41 44 552 01 20

brain-tec AG

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brain-tec AG

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brain-tec Germany GmbH

DE - 71034 Böblingen
+49 7031 9869011

brain-tec Spain S.L.

ES - 28006 Madrid
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brain-tec Spain S.L.

ES - 12071 Castelló de la Plana
+34 964 38 75 71


from left to right: Philipp Fux, Pascal Zenklusen, Silvan Wyden


The “Swiss made software” logo stands for Swiss values in software development. Brain-tec group has been distinguished with that label for several years.